Program Overview

World Council of Credit Unions is working with rural savings and credit cooperatives (RUSACCOs) to improve food security and livelihoods among farming families with funding from the monetization of 23,000 metric tons of wheat through the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food for Progress Department (USDA, 2009-13). In three regions that span half the country, World Council's Enhancing Food Security and Rural Livelihoods program assists RUSACCOs with financing agricultural production and investment, mobilizing savings and providing a range of non-financial services, such as small infrastructure investments, to improve farmers' access to markets.

Program Goals

  • Provide agricultural extension and technical assistance to the farmer members of rural credit unions in order to develop a basic commercial agricultural environment. World Council will focus on increased agricultural productivity, post-harvest handling, marketing and the development of farmer cooperatives.
  • Improve community infrastructure by initiating and supporting community self-help activities to build or improve the infrastructure required to support agriculture such as storage facilities, irrigation systems, access roads, bridges, basic sanitation facilities and other support projects.
  • Strengthen rural credit unions and increase agricultural credit by establishing and/or reforming community-based agricultural credit unions. World Council will also provide farmers and rural entrepreneurs with access to financing for agricultural production and small businesses related to agriculture.


Agricultural Finance

Program Goals